Recommended Reading

CBT Self-Help Books

Here is my list of recommended CBT self-help books to get you started in learning more about CBT and how it can help with specific problems like depression and anxiety.

The first book on my list “Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy for Dummies” comes highly recommended; it was written by two of my former colleagues and in addition to teaching you CBT techniques, it provides you with a lot of useful information including what to look for in a therapist, where to find a good CBT therapist, questions to ask your therapist before embarking on a course of therapy, etc. If you have a limited budget for self-help material, I would recommend this book be the one you invest in.

Self-Help Books for Anxiety Disorders

This first book on my list is my new “go-to” book for anxiety disorders. It is written for the client, in easy to understand language, and helps clients understand what to do when they have more than one anxiety disorder. I highly recommend it!

Articles on CBT’s effectiveness

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